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Frints Collages, all you need is a wall!


Enjoy the beauty of multiple grouped pictures with our stylish collages. Frints has photo collage options using our popular thin metal frame. With 6 nicely designed style combinations and 4 frame colors to choose from, it's so easy to create a unique photo display for your walls.


"All it takes is a few clicks  and your favorite moments!"


Each collage has been designed thinking on symmetry and modern minimalistic look. The frame is aluminum made with only ¼” front face and ¾” height. There are 3 different frame sizes we use for the collage compositions 5x8, 8x8 and 8x11. You can use the cropping tool to adjust the image in each frame and you can also preview the whole composition before you submit the order. Let us know if we can assist you with any question you might have.



Collage Options


Collage 3P


Collage 4P


Collage 5P


Collage 7P


Collage 9P


Collage 11P